The Dean and Chapter of St Paul’s Cathedral appointed clergy to posts in a number of parishes in London. This role by the Cathedral’s leadership extended the influence of the Cathedral outward into the City of London and beyond in ways that potentially open up new avenues for research into clergy networks and areas of influence for Donne and the Chapter of Cathedral Canons.


To get this started, here is a list of the parish churches in London as well as outside of the City of London for which Donne and his colleagues were responsible for staffing, and the names of the clergy they appointed during Donne’s tenure as Dean of St Paul’s.

St Augustine, Watling Street John Vickers (served from 1600 – 1633)

St Benet, Gracechurch StreetJohn Donne, MA (appointed 1592, served until 1636) (Not the Dean of the Cathedral!)

St Benet, Paul’s WharfThomas Adams (from 1619)

St Botolph’s, BillingsgateMichael Gifford (served from 1597 – 1629), William King (from 1629)

St Faith’s under St Paul’s Martin Day (until 1624), William Woodford (until 1625), Finannel Smith (until 1625), John Lesley (until 1628), and Jonathan Brown (from 1628)

St Gregory’s Parish Church beside St Paul’s Simon Stubbs (until 1622),  Thomas Jennings (from 1622)

St Giles Without CripplegateJohn Buckeridge (until 1628), William Fuller (from 1628)

St John Zachary, St Martin’s Le Grand StreetHenry Hammond (1608-1623, William Spencer (1623 – 1625), Willian Carter (1625 – 1630), William Rolf (from 1631)

St Martin Orgar, St Martin’s Lane, near Candlewick Street — William Johnson (until 1625), John L’Oiseau (1625 – 1628), Brian Walton (from 1628)

St Mary, Stoke Newington Richard Lloyd (until 1629), John Taverner (from 1629)

St Mary, SunburyMark Sadlington (from 1603)

St Michael, Bassishaw, Basinghall Street John Gifford (1607 – 1642)

St Michael-le-Querne, Pater Noster RowWilliam Launce (from 1621)

St Michael, QueenhitheJohn Hill (from 1618)

St Nicholas Olave, Bread StreetRichard Cheshire (from 1613)

St Olave, Silver StreetThomas Mann (appointed 1621, served until his death in 1640)

St Peter, Paul’s WharfJames Burley (from 1626)

St Peter le Poer, Broad StreetHenry Hammond (until 1623), Richard Holdsworth (from 1623)

St Thomas the Apostle, Knightrider StreetCaesar Walpole (until 1627), William Cowper (from 1628)

Parishes outside of the City of London

All Hallow’s, TottenhamWilliam Bedwell (from 1607)

All Saint’s, EdmontonThomas Burton (from 1620 – 1631)

St Andrew, Kingsbury Robert Bateman (from 1618 – 1634)

St James the Great, Friern BarnetRichard North (until 1623), Matthew Reynes (from 1623)

St Martin’s, West Drayton, MiddlesexRobert Elliot (until 1624), Emmanuel Hodges (from 1624)

St Mary, Willesden Thomas Gifford (from 1615)

St Nicholas, ChiswickWilliam Walker (from 1597)

St Pancras, Middlesex Richard Warner (until 1623), Henry Bradley (1623 – 1625), John Elborow (1625 – 1631)